Just a very quick note to let you know I had to call M.I.S claims last Wednesday in May. My car broke down on a roundabout and the guy came VERY quickly and I was stressed but he did calm the whole situation down. He brought me to the garage and still remiained calm and very helpful. I am sorry I don’t remember his name but he was from Romanin and has a son. I just want to say a BIG thank-you.


During this period, I received a call from Simon Green in Enterprise Limerick. He was most reassuring that they would do whatever they could to get me back to my destination that evening and as quickly as possible. He phoned me on a number of occasions during the hour to ensure everything was on track and the process working. Amele (sorry I know the spelling is wrong), who was the pick-up Recovery guy was most helpful and even dropped me to Enterprise having brought my car to Bob Sweeneys Recovery. He made sure I was not abandoned on the side of the road or I had the misfortune of having a breakdown Saturday evening @17.00. Unfortunatley this occurred when I was out of my jurisdiction. I live in Galway but was in Limerick for the day. Just before I drove off from a garage I noticed leaking “liquid” coming from under the car. My first call was to Breakdown assist and the prompt service was excellent. I know they have to give a 90 minute response rate but the tow-truck was there in less that 15 minutes left alone while the Rental care was being arranged. This was very kind of him as I was unfamiliar with the area I was in. I was back in Galway by 20.00 that evening and while I had the inconvenience of the breakdown the whole process was seamless and painless. I work in Aviva but from a customers view point, I was very impressed with the whole service, the sincere efforts mad by everyone and the professionalism. Can you please ensure that my sincere thanks is passed to all the staff in question.

Mary Regan

Yesterday I brokedown in my horsebox on the main Cork Limerick road with 3 horses on board. Keith Hanon and Emil Mire came out to my rescue. Unfortunately the air pressure had gone down so all the brakes locked on. I cannot praise highly enough the two lads they were truely super. Keith was so helpful in getting the Garda to stop traffic while we swapped the horses onto a different lorry not an easy job on that main road. Releasing the brakes on the lorry was difficult and the determination of the 2 lads to do it was amazing, so thank you for providing such a brilliant service. I will highly reccomend your service to everyone and you have 2 great lads in Keith and Emil. Many thanks again

Caroline Hunter-Rowe

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