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1.1 Autotowing LTD / Bob Sweeney located at Ballina Co Limerick Ireland , is committed to comliance with all relevant EU member state laws in respect of personal Data , and the protection of the ' rights and freedoms' of all individuals whose information Autotowing LTD / Bob Sweeney colleccts and process in accordance with the General Data protection regulation (GDPR).

1.2 Compliace with the GDPR is described by this policy and other relevant policies such as the information security policy , along with connected processes and procedures.

1.3 The GDPR and this policy apply to all of Autotowing LTD / Bob Sweeney's personal data processing functions performed by clients , personal data and any other personal Data Autotowing Ltd / Bob sweeney's process from any source.

1.4 Autotowing LTD / Bob Sweeneys has establised objectives for data protection and privacy , which are in process information management system (PIMS) and GDPR objectives Record.

1.5 GDPR controller is responsible for reviewing the register of processing annually in the light of any changes to Autotowing LTD / Bob Sweeneys activities (as determind by changes to the data inventory register aand the managent review) and to any additional requirements idenby means of Data protection impact assessments .

1.6 This policy applies to all Autotowing LTD / Bob Sweeneys staff . Any breach of the GPDR will be dealt with under Autotowing LTD / Bob Sweeneys disciplinary policy and may also be criminal offence , in which case the matter will be reported ass soon as possible to the appropriate authorities.

1.7 Any employee working with or for Autotowing LTD / Bob Sweeneys and who have or may have access to personal data , will be ecpected to have read , understood and to comply with this policy . No third party may access personal data held by Autotowing LTD / Bob Sweeneys without having first entered into a data confidentially agreement , which imposes on the third party obligations no less onerous than those to which Autotowing Ltd / Bob Sweeneys is committed , and which gives Autotowing LTD / Bob Sweeneys the right to audit compliance with the agreement.